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Renata is a young photographer and director of photography currently living in Mexico City. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emerson College with a focus on these two practices. 

Her passion for storytelling began at a young age, creating films with whatever camera she could get her hands on. In college she discovered the analogue process and immediately fell in love. 


Her commercial work is mostly informed by a cinematic visual style - she creates worlds for her characters to play in. Her personal work has a documentary approach, finding beauty in the mundane. She began shooting minimalist landscapes and slowly transitioned into documentary, portraiture and fashion. 

for any inquiries, collaborations or available prints: 


Brooks Running Des Linden Boston Marathon

Digital Imaging Fall 16 postcard book print

YourMag  "Chameleon" F/W 2017online

Emag  "With(Out)" F/W 2017 print

Digital Imaging Fall 17 postcard book print

Raíz "Retratos de Peru, 2017" print

Your Mag"SplitScreen" S/S 2018 online

Raiz "You, Me, Us" print

Enrage Store Collection 1 online

Digital Imaging Fall 17 postcard book print

Emag "Among The Stones and Roses" print

INDEX"Gradient" F/W 2018 print

INDEX "Drowning in Designer" S/S 2019 print

VACANT "On A Tuesday Afternoon, 2019 online

Digital Imaging Fall 19 Book print

INDEX "Case by the Creek" F/W 2019 print

Pilgrims (BFA) 11x11 print (self published)

Delfina Cheb Casa Limon La Milonguera  online

Digital Imaging Fall 20 postcard book print

Mousai Su Cuerpo  online



Discos Diablito Vol. 1

Mexico City, Mexico 2018

Photographic Resource Center Student Show

Boston, Massachusetts, 2019 

A Gathered Perspective 

Boston, Massachusetts, 2019


Mexico City, Mexico 2019

When the Ivy Grows Over the Door

Boston, Massachusetts, 2019

STP BFA Online Show, 2020



Errr Magazine Ni Una Sola Amapola online

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