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Pilgrims, 2019    Series of 2 30cmx30cm

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The choices we make define our path throughout life. Reality  is the intersection of millions of arbitrary choices and situations. Although we all share this constant search for meaning and purpose, ultimately, we experience it in solitude. 


Our experiences are intimate, brief and fleeting; as understood and deconstructed from our specific point of view. Although we perceive individually, life ultimately revolves around human connection. What moments and people crossed your path and how those influenced you. Our journey of solitude reveals the most astounding similarity. If you look outwards, you realize that we have more in common than we think. We are living our own realities but sharing a common presence - experiencing different versions of the same narratives: fear, happiness, love, sorrow, loneliness and loss. 


Pilgrims is my map, a document product of a journey taken throughout the last few years, created in different locations, with a diverse set of characters, and from a personal point of view. Although these images are the eyes and moments of only one person they welcome interpretation through the perceptions and feelings found within each of us. They tell a story and the narrative is unique to your personality. The contrast between  minimalist landscapes and intimate portraits reveals the crisp distinction between how we relate to the people and places around us. 


From my pilgrimage, to yours

Renata Brockmann, November 2019

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